August 23, 2018

Today we are gathered here to participate in a ceremony that firstly takes the form of a remembrance and a performance of two very important tasks.

First of all, we are here to remember the person who conceptualized this project in 2002: the one who for 16 long years persevered to get a pipeline installed from Morne Desir Ti Rocher Micoud to the treatment plant at Micoud Village. Secondly, we are here to signal the commencement of works to install approximately 7 kilometers of pipeline and   related booster pumping stations to the aforementioned location.

That person is no other than the late Hon Arsene Vigil James, former distinguished national educator, and the former Micoud South district representative and a well loved, humble peoples person. He is not here with us today in person having recently passed away on Sunday July 29th 2018. but he is certainly here in spirit with us at this ceremony as signified by his seat at the head table.

a review of the files at wasco revealed that Hon Arsene James had worked extremely hard to get this project going and in this regard had secured part funding from the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan. An amount of  EC$432,000, was received in 2008 by WASCO  through him to purchase and install a 100,000 gallon tank and two stainless steel vertical multi-stage booster pumps as well as a limited supply of pipes. Eventually this tank was installed in 2009 and has been sitting there unutilized for nine ((9) years in spite of the desperate pleas from Mr. James in and out of parliament for the necessary additional funds to complete this project.

WASCO’s new board became aware of this incomplete project in November of 2016. Our line minister Hon Ezechiel Joseph and the Prime Minister Hon Allen Chastanet and of course Hon Arsene James asked WASCO to review and to urgently make arrangements to procure funding to complete the project. However, in the interim there was a land slippage near the tank during hurricane Tomas in October 2010 and we subsequently discovered that some of the pipes purchased were utilized for other WASCO projects.

We therefore had to arrange for a geotechnical investigation of the site and once the report of this investigation was received, we implemented the technical measures recommended to stabilize the slope near the tank. 

 We were also successful l in procuring loan funding of almost three million dollars to design, acquire added pipes, and pumps to undertake and complete this important project.

 Four local persons and their related companies thereof have been contracted to install the 7 kilometer connecting pipeline over a period of four months.  once completed, this project will benefit the persons in the surrounding community immensely as there will be added storage of treated potable water and a consistent supply within the existing distribution system.

We wish at this time to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that may occur during the installation of this pipeline along the roadway from Ti- Rocher to Micoud Village.


 I wish to thank the people of the community for their patience with WASCO, and the authorities, in getting the pipeline and pumping stations installation project off the ground, and to finally bring this long outstanding project to completion.

 I do know that Mr. James was convinced before his death that this time around, this board and management of WASCO with the assistance of government, would most certainly deliver on his promise to the people in the district regarding this important project. You can now rest in peace Hon Arsene James, and may god bless you wherever you might be.

 Just a few days before his death we sent him about 100 invitations to distribute to persons he wished  to attend a sod turning ceremony originally earmarked for August 2nd being the date  originally  arranged with him and WASCO. But as fate would have it, he unfortunately passed 3 days before the scheduled event.

Finally I thank all of you for attending this ceremony and may God bless all of us so that we may live to see the successful implementation and completion of this Arsene James water tank and pipeline project.



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