August 19, 2020


The Government of Saint Lucia has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds to eligible payments under this contract.  Payment by CDB will be made only at the request of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASCO) and upon approval by CDB, and will be subject, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement.  The Loan Agreement prohibits a withdrawal from the Loan Account for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import, to the knowledge of CDB, is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.  No party other than WASCO shall derive any rights from the Loan Agreement or have any claim to the proceeds of the Loan.

WASCO is the Executing Agency for the Project, and the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation is responsible for the overall implementation of the project.  WASCO’s Project Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for the overall implementation of the project and will coordinate the various activities within the Project.  The PMU intends to prequalify contractors for the design and construction of the infrastructure works. It is expected that invitations for bid will be issued in December 2018/January 2019.

The works include but are not limited to the following:

(i) Water production facilities comprising: two river-intake structures; two treatment plants; and three new pumping stations;

(ii) New HDPE Transmission Mains (sizes 450, 350, and 300 mm); and

(iii) Three new Storage Reservoirs totalling 4,000 m3

Consideration will be limited to firms or joint ventures of firms which are legally incorporated or otherwise organised in, and have their principal place of business in an eligible country and is either:

  • more than 50% beneficially-owned by a citizen or citizens and/or a bona fide resident or residents of an eligible country or countries, or by a body corporate or bodies corporate meeting these requirements;
  • owned or controlled by the government of an eligible country provided that it is legally and financially autonomous and operated under the commercial law of an eligible country and otherwise meets the eligibility requirements of the CDB Guidelines for Procurement (2006); and
  • not subject to any restrictions under European Council Regulation No. 2580/2001 of 27 December 2001 or the Terrorism (United Nations Measures) 2009 of the UK with a view to combating terrorism

All countries are eligible for this opportunity.

The requirements for pre-qualification will include:

  • an average annual turnover (defined as billing for works in progress and completed) over the last five (5) years of United States dollars (US$) 20 million;
  • demonstrable cash flow (including access to credit) of United States dollars (US$) 5 million equivalent; and
  • experience as prime contractor in the construction of at least two (2) assignments of a nature and complexity comparable to the proposed project activity within the last five (50 years, each of a value of at least United States dollars (US$) 20 million (to comply with this requirement, works quoted should be at least 80 percent complete).

Interested eligible applicants may obtain further information from and inspect the Prequalification Documents at the PMU at the first address below, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  A complete set of the prequalification documents in English may be obtained by interested applicants through the following means:

  • Payment of a non-refundable fee of $300.00 Eastern Caribbean Dollars. Foreign applicants can utilise the medium of a wire transfer to WASCO’s bank account with all accompanying charges met by the applicant. Account information will be supplied on request.
  • Once payment is made, documents will be sent to applicants via email.

Prequalification submissions must be in English and must be submitted by 1600 hours, local time on Tuesday 16th October 2018. The Prequalification submissions are to be submitted to the address below: One original and three hard copies in a sealed envelope.  The sealed envelope containing each submission must include the name and address of the applicant and be clearly marked “Application to Prequalify for the Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project – Design and Construction of Infrastructure Works, Ref. No. VFP01”. An electronic copy of the Application for Prequalification should be simultaneously submitted to CDB at

WASCO reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel the prequalification process. 

WASCO will not be bound to assign any reason for not pre-qualifying any applicant and will not defray costs incurred by applicants in the preparation and submission of the pre-qualification documents.

Address for Correspondence and Prequalification Submission:


Mr. Gordon Wyke

Head – Project Management Unit

Water and Sewerage Company

L’Anse Road


  1. LUCIA


Telephone: 1 (758) 453 2790



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