IWASP Handover

September 25, 2016

The International Water Stewardship Programme was set up to work alongside public bodies, enterprises and civil society, to intentify measures aimed at reducing shared water risks. The programme initiates and sets up partnerships between the three different types of stakeholders, and coordinates these with the support of GIZ, WLBL and WASCO bilateral and regional water programmes. A team at the GIZ Head Office is responsible for the overall approach and also oversees monitoring and donor coordination. Local GIZ offices coordinate the partnerships.
IWaSP consists of five components:

  1. Improvement and institutionalisation of cooperation between the state, the private sector and civil society;
  2. Identification, development and implementation of partnerships aimed at reducing water risks;
  3. Involvement of the private sector in the financing and implementation of appropriate measures;
  4. Integration of lessons learned from specific measures into national strategies and policies; and
  5. Advocacy and dissemination at both regional and international level of lessons learned from the measures.


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