Roseau River

February 11, 2012

The vision of Sir John G.M. Compton, Rt. Honourable Prime Minister in the early nineteen century became a reality when the Dam was constructed in the Roseau River.

The construction of the Dam was in three (3) components:

  • The first component was the Ciceron Treatment Plant commenced  late in 1991, then the Intake and the final component was the Dam.  This was completed in late 1995 and the Dam was officially opened on 11th February, 1996.
  • On completion of the Dam the Heads of State felt that it was fitting to rename the Roseau Dam, John Compton Dam.

The Dam - A 130 feet high Dam, 600 feet across in the Roseau River, one of the principal rivers of St. Lucia, creates a Lake one mile long storing 700 Million gallons of water when full.

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