March 22, 2024

Castries, 22 March, 2024World Water Day, aiming to draw attention to the sustainable management of the world’s scarce water resources, is celebrated this year on 22 March with the theme "Water For Peace" The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) has marked the occasion with a series of activities to raise awareness around water conservation and to the complex relationship between water, conflict and cooperation.

As part of the activities, WASCO embarked on a Preschool Conservation Education Campaign in the Castries North area to teach about the importance of conserving water, introduce best practices for water-smart living, to instill lifelong water-saving habits and to develop a sense of accountability in the young conservationists.

The World Water Day Expo, designed to develop a better appreciation for the services offered by WASCO’s various departments, will feature a host of engaging water-related activities for the enjoyment of the public. With water resources coming under increasing pressure due to various factors contributing to climate change, this year’s theme presents a great opportunity to address the issue of water security in our changing environment and the strategies that we must implement to mitigate its effects. For this reason, WASCO is set to launch an exclusive Tank Sale Promotion on World Water Day Friday 22nd March, to provide more options for customers to increase their potable water storage capacity. Available in a range of sizes, these locally produced storage tanks play a vital role in adopting sustainable practices to conserve the island’s water resources. The tanks will be available at the World Water Day Expo, which takes place at WASCO’s Head Office Compound from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

World Water Week culminates with a Football Friendly Match featuring GMC United FC against Nyah Football Club and GMC United FC adult side against Team WASCO on Saturday 23rd March from 9:00 am.

This event aims to increase awareness about using water wisely on the football field and to deliver water-conscious messages designed to modify poor water saving practices. The activities promise to be enjoyable and educational for all ages.

The observance of World Water Day is an important element of the efforts undertaken to align the company with UN sustainable development goals. WASCO continues to work towards these objectives as we encourage the use of water as a pathway for peaceful and practical dialogue about water security.

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