Nichola George-Benjamin

Nichola George-Benjamin ;

Corporate Secretary/Legal Officer


Mrs. Nichola George-BenjaminCorporate Secretary/Legal Officer – Mrs. Nichola George-Benjamin has responsibility for the management of WASCO's Legal Unit and also serves as the organization's Corporate Secretary. Mrs. George-Benjamin brings fourteen (14) years of regional experience, a deep understanding of the regulatory sector and excellent legal insights to the WASCO Team. She has been called as a member to the Trinidad and Tobago Bar, the Bermuda Bar, the St. Lucia Bar and the Barbados Bar.

Apart from holding a Bachelors of Law (Hons) from the University of the West Indies and being a graduate of the Hugh Wooding Law School, she holds a Masters’ Degree in Corporate and Commercial Law. With the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from practicing in several jurisdictions in her various specialties she brings with her an expertise in corporate and commercial law, corporate governance, utilities regulation, consumer protection and competition law.



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