Lenus Deterville

Lenus Deterville BBA, CCAF – FCVI (Fellow), C.Dir

Senior Auditor


Lenus DetervilleOver thirty (33) years experience combining External Audit (25); Finance and Governance (5); and Internal Audit (3).

Mr. Deterville’s work and experience include working in the Office of the Director of Audit in varied capacities for more than twenty-seven (27) years. He successfully served for twelve (12) years in the Office of the Director of Audit I functioned as Audit Principal/Manager --- Head of the Performance Auditing Unit. During such time he obtained education and training in Financial Audit & Fraud Irregularities; Information Technology Audit and Forensic Audit.

Mr. Deterville for the last five years served as Financial Analyst in the Parastatal Monitoring Department, Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for reviewing, analyzing and reporting on the performance of State-Owned Enterprises and other Parastatal Entities.

Mr. Deterville has served as member on different boards of non-profit, as well as, member organizations; including, as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of the Southern Caribbean, a regional tertiary institution for five years; and as Chairman of the Audit Committee for three years.

Over the last seventeen (17) years Mr. Deterville has had the privilege and opportunity to audit, monitor and recommend improvements to the management of a wide range of State-Owned Enterprises and operations. He brings to WASCO a wealth of experience and training both in the field or auditing; as well as performance assessment and monitoring of Parastastal Entities.

His personal interests include active involvement in community work having served as Chairman of the South-East Castries Disaster Prepared Committee for many years; an avid music enthusiast who enjoys reading, swimming and sports.


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