Zilta George Leslie

Zilta George - Leslie;

Customer Service Manager


Mrs. Zilta George - LesliMrs. Zilta George - Leslie has been a part of WASCO’s Management team since 2003, serving as the company’s Customer Service Manager. She brings to WASCO a results-driven attitude and is excellent at collaborating, mobilising, motivating and getting things done. She is a determined, dedicated and persistent employee. Her 14 years of progressive experience in the field of Customer Service, and her professional history makes her ideal for the position.

She is responsible for Managing the Billing, Metering, New Service, Customer Care and Credit Control aspects of the company. Mrs George – Leslie therefore acts as the liaison between the operations of the Company and the customers, ensuring that the lines of communication are always open and the customers are satisfied. She is firm, yet empathetic and always tries to build trust with WASCO’s customers by being fair to both the company and the customer.

Mrs George - Leslie holds a double major Degree in Management and Sociology (Hons) and a Masters in Industrial Sociology from the University of the West Indies (St Augustine Campus).

She also holds a certificate in Agriculture from the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture & Forestry (now COSTATT) in Trinidad. She has undertaken extensive management training through many organizations including the Dale Carnegie and the Franklyn Covey institutes.

She has also served as an educator at a number of secondary schools before joining the WASCO team. She holds her country in high esteem and is always willing to offer service. This is evident in her contribution as a representative for Saint Lucia, as a liaison officer for the St Lucia Jazz Festival for a number of years. She was active in the implementation programme for Saint Lucia’s hosting of Cricket World Cup 2007.  

Mrs George - Leslie represents WASCO on the Development Control Authority and also the St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association. She also serves Saint Lucia as an Electoral Commissioner.

Mrs. George- Leslie’s denomination is Roman Catholic, and she is a dedicated wife and mother of three children.


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